Sale price for any standard vinyl spa cover up to 8' x 8'.

Spa covers over 8' x 8' or with speaker flaps must be quoted individually.

Measure your spa or your existing spa cover.​​

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Spa Cover Order Form

Radius Corner Form

Any Size, Any Shape, Custom Made To Fit Your Hot Tub!

Color Chart


Dark Gray


Forest Green


Light Blue

Dark Blue

Light Gray



Dark Brown



Cover Specifications

Spa Cover Specifications

Marine grade vinyl

Choice of 13 colors 
Mahogany, Light Gray, Dark Gray, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Teal, Forest Green, Burgundy, Black, Palomino, Dark Brown, Almond and Parchment.

Top: Marine grade mildew and UV resistant vinyl
Bottm: Mold and mildew resistant vinyl

Spa Cover Care

Use only non-petroleum based (water based) vinyl protectant.

Do not drag cover when storing.

Handles are for positioning only, not for carrying.


Foam (Expanded Polystyrene)
Tapered 4″ – 2″ for water run-off
10% deformation (memory), Flame retardant, 2% Absorption per volume
Construction Grade Steel C-channel reinforcement
Hand sealed plastic wrap

High Grade U.V.R. DB 92 Bonded polyester

Side Mount Handles

Must be in whole inches of overall outside shell dimensions of spa or old cover.

Measurements must be big enough for cover not to fall into water.

Weight Limitations

For Standard Foam (1.25 lb.) Density Covers: (12R factor):
Maximum Dead weight load – 200 pounds*
Maximum Active weight load – 75 pounds*

Flaps/Skirts aid in spa protection, 3″ standard

“Surelock” locking tie downs with key, 2 each standard

Commercial Grade Zipper

For Heavy Duty Foam (2 lbs.) Density Covers: (14R factor):
Maximum Dead weight load – 400 pounds*
Maximum Active weight load – 150 pounds*

3-year warranty

*Weight limits vary on placement and activity level of weight*

Measuring Tips


Covers in Gazebos

All measurements must be submitted in inches. Never round up or down to the nearest foot. Rounding up to the next inch is always better unless you are putting it inside something. You can measure the old cover or the spa. If your old cover was too small or too big now is the time to fix it. You can always call, we will be more than happy to walk you through the process.

Covers in gazebos should be measured big enough to cover spa and small enough to fit inside gazebos. Don’t forget to tell us how far it is from the top lip of the spa to the lowest point of the gazebo. Some brands of spas are built tall with short gazebos and the covers don’t have enough room to clear the roof when opening. Please call for more specific instructions if the cover comes with in two inches of the roof when folding open.

Above Ground/Portable Spas

Above ground spas should be measured from the very outside edge of the acrylic/fiberglass. An inch or two bigger is always better unless you have to fit it into something.

What's Bigger?

If you have trouble distinguishing between an 8″ radius and a 7″ radius, then choose the 7″ radius. This will provide for better coverage of the corner.  The same applys to cut corners. If you have a 15 1/2" cut corner you should order a 15″ cut corner.


Cut Short (standard)

Cut Long


This is shaped just like a stop sign, all eight sides are equal.

Radius Corner and Round Covers

The difficulty with radius corner and round covers is the flap/skirts are forced to point down, they do not lay out flat like they do with squares and octagons. If your spa’s ‘top lip’ is 2″ tall you should order 2″ flap/skirts. Anything longer than your lip height will hold the cover up. In-ground brick or concrete spas should not get a flap/skirt.

Choosing a Fold/Hinge:

An "A Fold" cuts the A dimension in half, a "B Fold" cuts the B dimension in half.

If you have a cover that is perfectly square, a fold/hinge does not need specification.


Where is the control panel located? It's most common for covers to fold away from the control panel

The longer dimension is usually the one that gets folded in half, but that is not always the case.

Ask yourself: Is there anything obstructing the path of the cover opening and closing that would change the hinge? (ie: fence).

Manufacturer's Warranty

Manufactured spa cover has a FULL 3 YEAR WARRANTY on workmanship and will be repaired without charge.

All stitching, including seams, handles, and tie-downs are covered.


Freight to and from factory for any repairs is NOT COVERED.

Foam core is NOT COVERED, but will be replaced at manufacturer's cost.

Torn vinyl is NOT COVERED, but repairable in some cases only.

Damage to covers in transport is NOT COVERED.

Alterations, neglect, or misuse of cover will VOID warranty.

Warranty CAN NOT be extended in any way by anyone.

Purchaser MUST allow for normal fading and deterioration of all components of cover.

Spa covers placed in direct sunlight may get extremely hot, DO NOT sit, stand, or walk on cover… it can burn.

Covers will NOT support the weight of any animal or human.

Even covers made of high density foam can break. DO NOT sit, stand or walk on covers.

Handles are for purpose of positioning, and removal. DO NOT carry cover by the handles, or tie downs.

Local Pick-Up, Delivery and Disposal

Local Pick-Up

Customers within driving range of our Encinitas, CA store can pick up their cover during normal business hours. Our store hours are between 9:30am to 5:30pm, Monday thru Saturday. 


We deliver spa covers within a 10 mile radius of our store. The delivery charge is $25.00.
During the time of the delivery, if it has been prearranged we will remove and dispose of your old spa cover for an additional fee of $25.00.

Just give us a call at (760) 753-0042 or click the contact us button and leave the rest to us!
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